Thrifty Tuesday: DIY Festival Looks

If you missed SXSW and Coachella, there are still a ton more under-the-radar festivals to attend around the world. That just means that summer is approaching fast and the eagerness to hit music festivals is strong! Sometimes it isn’t always easy to plan breezy, boho-inspired looks that are affordable and easy to wear. Instead of having to search and splurge on expensive pieces, here are a few fun DIY’s to try! And hey, it’s Earth Day today so why not use some recycled items when you can!

To some, flower crowns are a festival must have. Adding a touch of elegance and feminism can elevate even the most simplistic looks. (We also find them useful for disguising 3 day old hair since showering can sometimes be tricky…) Use this easy guide from Pinterest to build the crown of your dreams!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.07.31 AM

Adding to the floral obsession, a cute pair of sunglasses goes a long way. This simple DIY can help transform any dull pair into a piece of art! We don’t want you squinting after all!


What better way to show your American pride than by wearing it? Denim shorts are already a festival staple, so adding a touch of paint enhances the fun and shows off your creative side. Follow this DIY guide and let us know what festivals you plan on attending!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.16.58 AM

Which looks will you be trying this summer? Let us know in the comments and send us a picture of your own DIY’s!

Motivation Monday: “I don’t care if Monday’s blue”

“I don’t care if Monday’s blue/Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too/Thursday I don’t care about you/It’s Friday, I’m in love.” – “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure

Congratulations for making it one-fifth of the way to Friday!

Mondays are always source of stress as they have the misfortune of being the first weekday. As our day begins, some of us allow untold horrors to fill our minds and the oft-told mantra is “Just get it over with.”

But rather than “getting it over with,” why not start the week off on a high note? Mondays are the Golden Opportunity to seize the week by its reins.

So from here on out, here are four great ways to start off your Mondays:

Don’t touch that snooze button

We know – it’s so tempting to just hit snooze and slip back into a peaceful slumber. But research shows that once you hit that snooze button, you start your sleep cycle all over again so the next time you wake up, you’re liable to feel even worse than when you first woke up.

Eat a healthy breakfast

While it might not look super appetizing, oatmeal is a great way to start your day. Since oatmeal is a whole grain, it lowers the risk of diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Make sure it’s not prepackaged oatmeal! Prepackaged oatmeal, like canned soup, can contain excessive amounts of minerals like sodium and sugar. But oatmeal does tend to be pretty bland, so feel free to experiment with nuts, cinnamon, or fruit!

If you’re in a rush, cold cereal works as well, but put that Cookie Crisp back in the pantry! Instead, pour Special K or Cheerios into a baggie and munch on it on-the-go.


Jumping jacks are definitely a great way to jump start your day. Alternatively, a morning yoga session works just as well, stretching out those muscles that haven’t moved much while you slept.


The physiology of the smile causes certain facial muscles to tighten, reducing blood flow to certain areas of the brain that causes the temperature of the blood to drop. The drop in blood temperature triggers a happy feeling, Conversely, a frown tightens other muscles that increase blood flow to certain parts of the brain, leading to a warmer brain and more depressed feeling.

Protip: According to research, smiling at your reflection is much more effective than smiling at nothing at all.

That said, this can be a great way to start off any day, but doing all of the above can add an extra dose of motivation for the rest of the week when you start off the first weekday on a great note.

Happy Monday!

Fashion Friday: Fashion Truck Rally in Baltimore

By Shannon Chaney


Don’t let the name Side Dish fool you − it’s a fashion truck, not a food truck! The innovative mobile accessory boutique Side Dish is hosting the first ever Boulevard of Chic – an event created to support local Baltimore businesses, organizations and the fusion of entrepreneurship and mobile fashion. Along with having top fashion retail trucks attend, there will be similar beauty, health, fitness, and food trucks.


Meet creative entrepreneurs with an eye for style. Stop by Saturday April 26th for amazing fashion, food, and fun! Photographer and visionary Ken Rochon, from Umbrella Syndicate will be sponsoring this event. (Photo credit: Side Dish Mobile)


 Are you going? Hope to see you there!

Foxy Thursday: Orange You Glad

Foxy ladies! Happy Thursday, orange you glad tomorrow is Friday? Today is the perfect day to line up your makeup looks for the weekend. If you don’t plan it out, you may be in for some last minute disasters.

Try a little orange…it is the color of the season! And perfect for Easter. Orange you glad…we could say that all day.

Awww look at these beauties…Orange they beautiful!

oragne you glad2014

Want a sun kissed pout? Guess what?

You can have this look at any price point.

Lipstick 2014444

Would you try this look?

Giveaway: Dress Of Your Choice From Sammy Dress

Enter To Win Your Favorite Dress From Sammy Dress!

Hello there fashionistas! With Spring in full bloom, we know how frustrating it can be having to revamp your wardrobe with fabulous sundresses, chic accessories, and killer sandals and wedges.  But, worry no more… We have a little something to help ease your worries and lessen the wardrobe investment you will have to make this season! We have teamed up with Sammy Dress to give you the chance to win an amazing dress to add to your collection!

The best part of this giveaway? You get to pick the dress you will receive if you win! We really want to provide you with an item that fits your style, so we have a selection of six different dresses for you to choose from if you win! The options you have to choose from include…

Option 1: Floral Print Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Chiffon Dress

Floral Print Scoop Neck Dress - SammyDress/DewdropDC Giveaway

Floral Print Scoop Neck Dress - SammyDress/Dewdrop Giveaway


Option 2: Stylish Scoop Neck Splicing Pleated Dress

Stylish Scoop Neck Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway


Option 3: Elegant Sequin Embellished High-Low Dress 

Elegant Sequin Embellished Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway

Elegant Sequin Embellished Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway

Option 4: Keyhole Backless Geometric Pattern Dress

Keyhole Backless Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway


Keyhole Backless Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway

Option 5: Color Block Sweet Style Sleeveless Dress 

Color Block Sleeveless Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway


Option 6: Zipper Sleeveless Round Neck Dress

Zipper Sleeveless Dress - Dewdrop/SammyDress Giveaway

Do you love more than just one? Would you have a hard time picking just one of these dresses if you won our giveaway? Well, check out everything they have to offer at Sammy Dress here!

Enter our  giveaway now!

Our giveaway is running now through May 16, 2014 – you have a whole month to get as many points as you can, so don’t wait! Enter now by liking the Dewdrop and Sammy Dress Facebook pages. The winner will be picked on May 17. Good luck everyone!


Thrifty Tuesday: Cherry Blossom Looks for Less

Did you see the Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend? We’re inspired to rock florals this spring! We have the perfect outfits to compliment this season. And they won’t break your budget, promise!


This floral top from Threadsence adds the perfect touch of feminine for a fun day out.


For a dressier approach, try pairing this playful floral dress from Asos with a blazer or leather jacket!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.49.39 AMThis draped blouse from H&M is a casual chic way to add color and prints to a relaxing day out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.52.26 AMIf you’re looking for a more subtle approach, these floral sunglasses from Forever 21 are adorable!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.55.53 AM

We’d love to see your spring style. Let us know in the comments what you plan to wear!

Motivation Monday: According to Frozen…

Since its release, Frozen has been considered one of the best Disney animated films since The Lion King and for good reason.

The film dispels the fantasy of love at first sight and the “damsel in distress” trope that has plagued many Disney princess movies. But most importantly, it shows that nothing is more important than staying true to yourself and having confidence in your abilities.

Still, Frozen has a few more lessons to teach us, namely about Mondays and how we can stay motivated throughout the day.

As we all know, Mondays usually start out like this:

Three cheers for the most realistic depiction of what most of us look/feel like when we wake up.


And wouldn’t it be great if we could be more like Anna and possess her seemingly endless supply of optimism? Especially when she’s about to jump off a cliff…

Seriously, I want this girl as my life coach.

But if you’re feeling down, talk to your friends, and they’ll be sure to cheer you up! Or compliment a stranger, because it feels great to know that you’ve helped brighten someone else’s day:

And there’s nothing more motivating than feeling like 100 percent, which incidentally seems to have quite a lot to do with what you’re wearing…

As demonstrated by Anna’s excitement when she realizes she gets to wear a beautiful gown on coronation day:

And by Elsa’s transformation sequence:

We would also feel pretty amazing if we got to wear a dress like that.

Lesson: You aren’t you when you’re not wearing the clothes you like–they can grant you the superpower ability to take on one the most dreaded days of the week.

What are your favorite outfits to put a spring in your step?

Fashion Friday: What to wear this weekend

Navy + Coral = Perfect Spring Outfit!

By Kristen Booth

Spring Outfit Inspiration - Fashion Friday

It’s going to be a nice weekend, ladies! We’ve been waiting for sandal season and the perfect weather for pastel pants…and it’s finally here. We love this spring outfit for a day of errands, shopping in Georgetown, or checking out the Cherry Blossoms. This outfit is clean and classic, and looks easy-breezy no matter what your day may have in store for you!

What do you think about this outfit? Do you love these colors together as much as we do? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Foxy Thursday: Beauty Spring Cleaning


It’s time for some spring cleaning! Of course many of us take this time to clean out our closets and clean our houses but many of us forget to clean out our beauty bags!

Changing out your beauty bag with a nice spring print is a good way to jump start your Beauty Spring Cleaning.

makeup bags2014

Add a little color to your make-up routine. Colored mascara is a good way to pull spring into the mix.


This is the best, best, best duo to add to your Spring bag! This is a lipstick and cheek tint by Nars. Siam has been the most popular thus far, and it’s right on trend for spring.


And of course, a beauty bag isn’t complete without a mini brush set.


Oh, and a nice shade of Essie polish!


Change can be very subtle but say goodbye to dark winter colors and  hello to vibrant shades of orange, red, pink and purple!

And of course don’t forget to switch out your bronzer as the warmer months pay us a much needed visit. We  have the perfect post here to give you the inside scoop.

Did you find this post helpful in your beauty transition to spring?

Wishlist Wednesday: Spring Items We’re Loving

By Kristen Booth

Spring is officially here and there are so many things that we are lusting after! From fun sundresses to spectacular sandals, all of these fabulous finds are sure to leave you just as in love as we are.

Jimmy Choo ‘Lottie’ Sandals (Blush), $975Jimmy Choo Lottie Sandals

Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Polarized Sunglasses (Tortoise Shell), $130 Marc By Marc Jacobs Oversized Polarized Sunglasses, Tortoise Shell

Victoria’s Secret Jeweled Push-Up Bandeau Bikini, top: $42.50, bottoms: $18.50

Victoria's Secret Jeweled Push-Up Bandeau Top

Marc by Marc Jacobs Iris Knit Shorts, $188 Marc By Marc Jacobs Iris Knit Shorts Frenchi Open Back Print Romper (Nordstrom), $48 Frenchi Open Back Print Romper   There are so many amazing things this season, this is just a few of the many that we are dying to get our hands on! What are you lusting after from this season’s collections?!  Let us know in the comments below!

Thrifty Tuesday: Online Deals

We all hate the feeling of overspending on something we know could cost less. It’s the worst feeling when you see something on sale after buying it full price. Lucky for you, we’ve searched and found a few deals to save you the extra buck! Have fun shopping, and don’t get too occupied!

Ferragamo Leather Cross Body Bag – retail $1,750 now $261.50

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.29.36 AM

Wildfox 70′s Girl Chalet Thermal – originally $88 now $66

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.33.38 AM

Marc by Marc Jacobs Raised Olive iPad Case – originally $72 now $21.60 (final sale)

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.36.08 AM Tibi V Neck Dress with Ponte – originally $395 now $118.50 (final sale)

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.37.22 AM

Lanvin Heels – Retail $500 now $178

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.44.07 AM

Rebecca Minkoff Flap Shoulder Bag – originally $795 now $370.50

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.50.06 AM

Michael Kors Black Dress – originally $130 now $85

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.54.30 AM


Michael Kors Oversize Rose Gold Watch – originally $275 now $157.50

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.00.29 PM

So many choices we can’t decide what to buy! Which product is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and happy shopping!

Motivation Monday: A Few Tips

By Alex Ouyang

Motivation-Monday-618Monday — perhaps the most dreaded day of the week. The ring of your alarm interrupts your peaceful slumber, letting you know exactly just what kind of day it is today.

In this routine scenario we are often faced with two choices: to get steamrolled on the first day back to work or get ready to take on the day. Of course, the latter is preferable, but motivation doesn’t always come so easily.

So how do we resolve this? American nuclear engineer Richard G. Scott had some words of wisdom: “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.”

But how does the mantra of a successful nuclear engineer translate over to your life?

Here are a few tips you can start with:


The best way to start of a morning is to drink at least 16oz. of water. Drinking water first thing in the morning boosts your metabolism.



Pick your OOTD the day before

Get your Monday outfit ready over the weekend. Wear something that something that straightens your posture. Colorful and/or edgy pieces can really help energize your look. Above all, make sure that you like what you’re wearing, that way you can look and feel great when it’s back to work!



Listen to some upbeat/inspirational music while you’re on the go

Whether it’s Frozen’s “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel or “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, pick a song that makes your heart sing.

Frozen GIF

What do you do to motivate yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Celebrity Makeup Look: Jessica Biel’s turquoise eyeliner

Last spring, we were passionate about Dior turquoise eyeliners, eye shadows and even colorful mascaras. This season, luckily for us all – colorful makeup is still in trend. Learn how to get Jessica Biel’s amazing look!

Is this look for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Set #177 / My favorite celebrity makeup look : Jessica Biel's turquoise eyeliner

#TBT: Jennifer Lawrence’s look at the Oscars

Get Jennifer Lawrence’s look for less! Well, just about everything…the Louboutins will cost you a pretty penny. What occasion would you wear this in? Let us know in the comments below!
Get that Tripping Look of Jennifer Lawrence

Daily Dose of Dewdrop

 Dewdrop Check In 2014

Hey Dewdroppers! Look what we are up to!

Starting next week, check in with our blog on your daily scoop with a few themed-topics to keep you in the “know”.

Motivation Mondays will give you that extra umph to start your week on the right foot.

Thrifty Tuesdays will show you how to make a bargain look like you spent a ton on it!

Wishlist Wednesdays is all about keeping track of all the things we really, really want. We all need a wishlist to keep us going!

Foxy Thursdays will keep your beauty bag full of all things that make you irresistibly hot!

And who doesn’t love Fridays? Fashion Fridays is a sure way to get weekend inspiration…fashionably.

So check in with us daily…and we’d love to hear from you on our posts so please don’t be shy and comment!

Who Wore It Better?

Today, we want to decide who looks sexier, hotter and simply better in this Valentino Dress. Vote for your beauty queen, Dewdrop fans – Allison Williams or Lily Aldridge?

Who Wore It Better: Allison Williams or Lily Aldridge in Valentino Dress?

Must have: Mules

Let’s talk about mules. No, not the animal: the shoe. Mules been updated for 2014 making this trend a must have purchase this upcoming season. They have been morphed into stilettos and flats, some embellished while others not. Mules are hot for any type of event!



Are you going to add mules to your closet this spring?



Trina Turk Spring 2014

By Shannon Chaney

We’re in love with Trina Turk’s Spring 2014 collection. A mix of pastel florals and sherbet hued prints, Turk yle. protrayed the breezy image of California lifestyle. During NYFW, she appeared backstage explaining the importance of packing a bikini for the Pacific Coast Highway–a point we agree with! If anything else, her line makes us want to pack our bags and head west for Coachella! The perfect mix of bohemian elegance, this outfit is airy and fun.



What do you think of this look?

Moon Mani

It’s time to spice up your classic manicure with a half moon. Essentially, it’s a french manicure in reverse. You can do it with any color to create different effects. The moon-mani totally nails it!



What do you think of this nail trend? Comment below!


Fast fashion, the couture version

By Shannon Chaney


Jeremy Scott just released a line of puny designs as the creative director of Moschino. The idea behind the collection is to combine “fast fashion” with “fast food” and deliver some incredibly witty pieces. (For more details and to see the entire collection go here)


What do you think? Are the designs tacky or unique? Would you buy a piece? Let us know in the comments!